Career counselling

One of your hardest jobs may be actually finding a job – whether you’re just entering the work place or making your next move. Or you may be considering pivoting in a slightly different direction, or just need general advice on resumes or interviewing.  Here’s where Susan can help.

Helping candidates achieve success

Placing hundreds of candidates in Communications, GR and PR roles has equipped Susan with industry-leading expertise on the needs and expectations of clients when hiring employees in these service areas.  It’s provided her with the ability and insight to counsel job-seeking candidates to create the best possible chance of success. With this in mind, for a very reasonable flat fee Susan provides the following:
Expert advice on career direction

There are a number of different paths Communications professionals can take.

Resume and cover letter guidance

Enabling candidates to present themselves in the most favourable light.

Tips and counsel for job searches

Real, practical advice on finding the right opportunities.

Preparation advice for interviews

Guidance on how to interview and  outshine the competition.

Join the long list of clients and candidates who have benefitted from the value Susan brings with her knowledge of the communications hiring process.

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